About Us - Overview

The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to protecting human health and the global environment by working with China to harness energy efficiency as a preferred energy resource. 

The Alliance credits its success to working as part of a public-private partnership. Since 2005, the Alliance (in cooperation with the Natural Resources Defense Council) has worked closely with industry, government officials and other experts from China and the U.S. to develop and implement projects and policies to improve energy efficiency in China.

As an official Strategic Partner of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Alliance works to increase access to Chinese markets for American businesses that focus on energy efficiency solutions. The Alliance also organizes events in the U.S. to facilitate the sharing of experience between U.S. and Chinese experts and provide networking opportunities for interested parties.

The Alliance helps to inform U.S. businesses and the community more generally about issues related to China and energy efficiency including, for example, why U.S. residents should care about energy use in China and how to do business in China.

The Alliance is able to achieve substantial, concrete results by:

      • Cooperating with key Chinese officials at all levels of government who have invited the Alliance to share  regulatory and technical best practices and training;
      • Mobilizing our powerful network of experts, officials, and other key stakeholders to share experience and best practices from the US while keeping our administrative costs to a minimum; and
      • Establishing affiliations with key experts and other organizations working in the energy efficiency field