Clean Energy Cooperation on the Eve of the US-China Summit

In conjunction with President Obama’s trip to China, I had the great privilege of speaking today at a high-level Clean Energy Roundtable in Beijing with top government officials from the U.S. and China. Over 100 experts attended, including the heads of some of the world’s most successful clean energy […]

Alliance President Praises China’s effort in Dealing with Climate Change

U.S. experts on China, foreign policy and climate change meeting in New York on November 9, 2009 praised China’s strong effort in dealing with climate change.

“In China, we see continued effort by the government to increase the energy efficiency of its power plants, industries, buildings and equipment,” said Barbara Finamore, founder and director of the […]

Empowering the US and China: The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

by Barbara Finamore
China Program Director, Beijing, NRDC
China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance President

Last week in Beijing I sat down with some executives from First Solar, the Arizona-based solar producer of thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) cells. First Solar is one of the most cost-efficient producer of PV cells in the world, and one of the ways the company […]

California & Jiangsu Province Sign Agreement for Cooperation on Climate Policies

When I first visited Jiangsu over ten years  ago to propose energy efficiency measures to the rapidly industrializing province I was skeptical I would ever see this day. But to my great pleasure, the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province of China and the State of California last Friday signed a Framework Agreement for strategic […]