Protecting the global environment by working with China to harness energy efficiency as a viable energy resource

China and Energy Efficiency:

Directory of organizations working with China to promote improvements in energy efficiency

This directory contains information on organizations (including non-profits organizations, government agencies, and private companies) that are cooperating with partners in China with the goal of improving energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is a key component of any strategy to address climate change.

For each organization, this directory contains descriptions of each of their relevant projects, as well as contact information.

The goal of this directory is to raise awareness of ongoing work, and to provide a tool to  promote collaboration among organizations. 

For a complete list of participating organizations, click here.

Currently, the focus is on US and/or China-based organizations.  In the future, it may be expanded to include organizations located in other countries.

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We are striving to have this directory be as complete and current as possible.  Therefore, we invite representatives of relevant organizations to add information and update their entries on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for improving the directory, please e-mail: