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  • Peter Liu (individual)


Join Our Alliance

We invite you to support the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance by becoming an Alliance Partner. Your support will help China implement a new direction in energy policy that will reduce pressure to build more power plants and will decrease the output of pollution including greenhouse gases.

In addition to directly stemming the tide of growth in traditional sources of power (e.g., building coal-fired plants, using scarce oil, and creating large-scale dams such as the Three Gorges Dam), support for DSM programs will have a number of collateral benefits such as:

  • reducing the amount of mercury in US fish and soils, as well as levels of smog-forming ozone and other air pollutants in California;
  • creating a market for energy efficient technologies and products (e.g., motors, appliances, and air conditioners) in China, thereby making these technologies and products more cost-effective world-wide; and
  • providing support for appropriate energy and environmental policies in China.

Furthermore, Alliance partners will be recognized as leaders in supporting improved energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Alliance is open to participation by corporations and individuals. There are three levels of Alliance Partners.

What we ask:
An annual tax deductible contribution as follows:

  • Leading Partner $25,000 and above (with a 2-year commitment). Leading Partners are invited to become members of the Technical Advisory Group
  • Supporting Partner - $10,000 and above
  • Partner - $2,000 and above (for our small company and individual supporters)

What we offer:
In addition to knowing that their financial support is leading to concrete reductions in energy usage, reduced levels of pollution and global warming gases, and improved access to energy efficient products, Alliance Partners will:

  • be recognized as leaders and be identified in Alliance materials;
  • be invited to Alliance special events;
  • receive updates about relevant developments in China and about the progress of Alliance programs; and
  • have the opportunity to network with Chinese officials and other business and professional leaders interested in China energy issues.

For further information about how you can support the Alliance, please e-mail us at info@www.chinauseealliance.org.