Honeywell is proud to support the Alliance as it helps to create an environment where Chinese and U.S. officials, companies and academia can conduct open exchanges regarding policy, technology and business practices. The ability to connect and interact in person fosters a deeper appreciation for the opportunities and challenges that exist.

Jeffery Cha profile photoJeffrey Cha
China General Manager, Building Solutions



The U.S.-China Energy Efficiency Alliance is a tremendously capable organization bringing U.S. and Chinese know-how from the private sector and government together to address a pressing issue impacting our climate’s future. Their value doesn’t only extend past the water’s edge, either. We’ve made lasting friendships in California and in the U.S. with other members, and our partnership has helped Opower stay at the forefront of energy efficiency policy both in China and here at home.

Jake Levine
Director for Strategy, Chief of Staff



Being a Partner of the Alliance and participating in Alliance organized trade missions, allows for relevance on a national stage in China – a very difficult thing to accomplish on one’s own.  The quality of meetings on the recent Energy Efficiency Trade Mission to China provided significant knowledge and networking opportunities because of the association with the Alliance and its mission.

Terry Fry
Senior Vice President


Simulated Solutions logo

Simulated Solutions LLC has been providing energy efficiency and green building consulting services in the US since 2007.  As a small business owner, I was eager to participate in the growing China market but skeptical about my prospects and resources to do so:  it seemed to be the purview of larger corporations with lots of capital to invest in researching and expanding into new and risky markets.  However, my thinking was transformed through participation in the Alliance’s US Department of Commerce certified trade mission to China.  I came away from the experience not just with new insights into China’s EE market and how to operate there, but immediately actionable business connections and opportunities.  My company’s small size and nimbleness actually proved to be an advantage.  The ability and willingness to customize our service offerings and work collaboratively with domestic and US partners to meet on-the-ground needs is key.  Availing ourselves of the resources that organizations such as the Alliance and the US Department of Commerce provide has enabled us to start doing business in China with a modest investment of time and money.

Julia Beabout profile photoJulia Beabout, PE, LEED AP, GGP
Simulated Solutions, LLC


As an entrepreneur, I strive to build businesses that can provide great impact for our community. I support the China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance because it has the unique opportunity to help China develop a market opportunity to turn massive amounts of wasted energy into valuable resources and, at the same time, drive down global warming emissions to benefit the global community.

Peter Liu
Alliance Board Vice Chair;
Co-founder and Managing Director, Clean Energy Advantage Partners;
Founder and Vice Chair New Resource  Bank