The Way Forward

Effectively addressing the energy and environmental issues described in the previous sections requires a variety of actions.  Improving energy efficiency and reducing dependence on coal and other fossil fuels are key to the way forward. This has been recognized by China’s leadership, which has established laudable goals to use increased efficiency, even as China’s economy continues to grow. To meet these goals, and to further address the climate and pollution impacts of energy use, China needs the support of the Alliance and similar organizations to help share positive experience from the U.S. and to facilitate access to China’s markets by US-based experts and companies in the energy efficiency sector.

The solution also requires a concerted effort of individuals like you who are passionate about energy efficiency as a key mechanism for addressing public health, climate change energy security, and related concerns.

We need your help!  Join the Alliance as we work to support China in meeting its ambitious energy efficiency goals. U.S.-based utilities, companies, and government agencies have been leaders in developing programs and policies to improve energy efficiency and to provide incentives to industrial, commercial and residential users to minimize energy consumption.  To put this into action, the Alliance organizes events, exchanges and study tours to facilitate the sharing of experience between U.S. and Chinese experts and provide networking opportunities for interested parties.

Companies joining the Alliance benefit from this partnership in a number of ways.  The Alliance  works with U.S. companies to help them better understand the market in China and to explore how they might deploy their technology and services there.  Such efforts should result in opportunities for both countries, while concurrently supporting China’s efforts to implement its efficiency policies and programs.

Exciting Opportunities!  The work of the Alliance has evolved to respond to the emerging needs and solutions in China. The Chinese government has placed energy efficiency at the front of its political agenda and initiated an aggressive combination of codes, laws and financial incentives to improve energy use and curb CO2 emissions. These measures are driving tremendous growth in China’s energy efficiency market and generating unprecedented opportunities for U.S. companies with expertise in this area.

The Alliance supports U.S. companies in the energy efficiency sector to develop business opportunities and important contacts in China.  as well as the possibility of exchanging ideas with Chinese utilities and officials.  As an official Strategic Partner of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Alliance works to increase access to Chinese markets for American businesses that focus on energy efficiency solutions. For example, in 2014, the Alliance served as the lead co-organizer of a Commerce Department-certified energy efficiency trade mission to China, and co-sponsored a webinar series on doing business in China. (Contact the Alliance to learn more about these activities and other opportunities available.)

Participating on the Alliance Team: The work of the Alliance is recognized by leaders in both China and the U.S. as providing an extremely valuable contribution to the twin goals of reducing energy demand and improving the global environment. Therefore, key officials and experts from relevant sectors have agreed to participate on the Alliance team, either as a Partner, or as members of the Alliance Board or Leadership Council.  The Alliance also is responsible for organizing the Energy Efficiency in China Collaboration (E²CCO) group. E²CCO members consist of key organizations working on energy efficiency and green building issues in China. The Alliance hosts monthly E²CCO conference calls to share information and facilitate cooperation and support among members.