The Global Economy

China’s power sector has long had difficulties in keeping up with the country’s skyrocketing economic growth. By implementing energy efficiency strategies and technologies, China can avoid the economic and environmental costs of building new dirty coal power plants, while increasing system reliability and reducing pressure on commodity prices.

Energy efficiency presents a great opportunity for foreign companies interested in operating in China. While the Chinese government has set extremely ambitious targets for energy efficiency and clean energy, there is a real lack of capacity to achieve these targets. This opens up enormous opportunities for U.S. companies offering energy efficiency services or technologies.

The Alliance is playing a key role in working with the Chinese government at the national, provincial and municipal levels to help identify appropriate policies, and develop and implement energy efficiency programs. For example, the Alliance is currently working with the province of Jiangsu to design a comprehensive Demand Side Management program that is borrowing from best practices in the U.S. and developing a program specific to the province’s needs.